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Fiona Broome's free podcasts about ghost hunting and haunted places. Broadcast irregularly since 2006. For more information, visit


Fiona BroomeThese podcasts are about ghosts, ghost hunting, and haunted places. They're recorded and published by Fiona Broome, founder of

Fiona began recording these podcasts in 2006. Around 2011, she discontinued them, as the field had changed dramatically.

In late 2017, Fiona's friends and fans expressed an interest in the old podcasts, and asked for new ones, too.

This coincided with major revisions at Fiona's free ghost hunting course website, Ghost Hunting Academy, as well as her new videos at YouTube.

Currently, Fiona is reviewing her ~100 older podcasts, and re-releasing those that are still valid (or mostly valid), with new notes.

She also plans to add new podcasts, as time permits.

If you'd like to suggest podcast topics, contact Fiona at either her author website, or

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